Trough immediate process of transformation that involve the use of ordinary materials and discarded objects that are commonly found or rescue, the everyday appears as the main source for the production of the artwork.


The artist is situated in the making, in the initial stage of the process where ideas born and thoughts become material. Materials such as paper, card, acetate, foam or wood have an important role in the work as immediate tools where ideas are registered. They are not just a medium that supports them but an integral part of their nature.


Common places are explored. The house and the city as the places where everyday objects exist, and the public and personal as the categories in which they perform. The work proposes a new outlook to objects in general, sometimes trough organized and rigorous documentation, in other occasions by reconfiguring their materials, uses or contexts.


In this new opportunity objects perform differently; It is a game of pretending. Objects can be in the process of becoming something, they can act as representations of a reality or can be arranged in a situation to demonstrate a new value. Functionality or use are not primarily, but seduction and deceit.


The work is situated between the real and ideal: It doesn’t refer to a particular moment or context, it exists as a referent that can always be accessed and activated.




- Do objects need to be real to make us happy or can we just satify with the idea we have of them ?








Diana Beltran Herrera



b. 1987     Bogotá, Colombia

                Based in Bristol, UK






2015.        MFA Fine Arts (Distinction). UWE (University of the west of England)

                Bristol. UK.


2010         BA. Industrial design. Jorge Tadeo Lozano University

                Bogotá. Colombia



Selected solo Exhibitions


2012       Estudio del impacto de un movimiento en el espacio

               Espacio ARTNEXUS. Bogotá, Colombia



Selected group Exhibitions


2015        MA Degree show. UWE. Bristol, UK.

2015        VENT. Open studios. Spike Island. Bristol, UK.


2011        Is anybody home?. Hanni Bjartalid and Diana Beltran Herrera

               Nordatlantes Brygge. Copenhagen, Denmark





2012        Beca de circulacion Galeria Santafé y espacios independientes

               IDARTES. Bogotá, Colombia





2015       Promotion plan of Colombia abroad. Cancilleria de Colombia -

              Embassy of Colombia in Indonesia.  






2016      PINC. 17. People, ideas, nature, creativiy.  Zeist, Nehterlands.